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Financial Elder Abuse

Financial Elder Abuse

Passionate About Protecting the Elderly in the Inland Empire

As people grow older, they need help with many things. Unfortunately, the people enlisted to provide that help are not always trustworthy, and many elderly are taken advantage of. When this happens, they deserve to be protected. If someone you love is the victim of elder abuse, I can provide the legal guidance you need. I am passionate about helping the elderly, and I will do everything I can to protect them from financial abuse.

When Your Loved One Is at Risk

Every day, we complete simple and complex tasks. We take care of our personal needs. We manage our finances. We make decisions about our health care. The elderly are not able to manage all of these tasks on their own, and their families often need to hire inhome help or look to retirement homes. This leaves the elderly particularly vulnerable to financial abuse.
Protecting your loved ones from financial elder abuse involves watching for signs. The most important indicator that financial abuse may take place is isolation. This is a devastating, but common, scenario:
A housekeeper or in-home nurse is hired to help an elderly individual manage everyday tasks. That person begins to gain the elderly individual's confidence. The elderly person stops talking with family members and begins to trust the caregiver instead. Then the caregiver takes personal property or manipulates the elderly person's finances.
Any time you believe someone you love is facing financial elder abuse, I will do everything possible to protect your loved one's interests. I will conduct a thorough investigation of the situation, file any necessary lawsuits and aggressively pursue compensation.
With 33 years of experience as an attorney, I know how to navigate the legal system to protect the elderly in our community. When you need a lawyer to fight elder abuse in California, call 951-301-6200 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.