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Reaching Solutions Through Mediation in California

As attorneys, we know that mediation is often the best way to resolve our clients' conflicts. However, we also know that we cannot act as a neutral third party while representing our clients' best interests.
When you need mediation services in the Inland Empire, turn to Rob Schelling, a Professional Corporation. With 33 years of litigation and mediation experience, I am passionate about helping people reach solutions without going to court. I currently serve on the Riverside County Superior Court Civil Mediation Panel, and I can help your clients reach mediated agreements for all legal disputes.

Benefits of Mediation

Although it is sometimes necessary, litigation is typically best seen as a last resort. Going to trial is not only expensive, it is risky. Jurors make decisions based on emotions. Judges apply the exact letter of the law. And the people whose lives are most affected by the outcome have very little say in it.
As a mediator, I empower clients and their lawyers to take advantage of the many benefits of mediation. These are only a few of those benefits:

  • Mediation can save clients tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Mediation allows the parties to control the outcome of their dispute.

  • ediation offers the opportunity for personal reconciliation and emotional healing.

Whether you are pursuing mediation because it is required by a contract your client signed, or because you recognize the inherent benefits, you can rely on me to provide creative, neutral mediation services.
Mediation for All Legal Disputes

Mediation for All Legal Disputes

My own legal practice focuses primarily on personal injury, real estate and financial elder abuse litigation. However, I have mediated cases involving many areas of the law, including personal injury, real estate, lemon law, trust disputes and elder abuse. 
When mediation is in your clients' best interests, call 951-301-6200 or contact us online to discuss how I can assist you.